A day of metal detecting at the soccer fields

It was perfect weather for metal detecting here in the Ozarks so I decided to detect at a local park with soccer fields.  Sticking to the areas where observers sit I was able to find a few neat finds.

This Florida Soccer Referee’s coin sounded like a quarter but to my surprise it was something different.

That is why I like to detect at these type of spots, you seriously never know what you’re going to find…lol

Heads or Tails? I bet that Referee was kicking himself in the butt for losing his flip coin!

Later I found this LA Galaxy pin.  I don’t follow soccer, but apparently the LA Galaxy are a professional soccer team, so it was a cool find as well.

Since I’m a dad this was a neat find, knowing that a kid probably gave it to her dad, and he lost it, I would return it if I knew who’s it was. I’m sure it has sentimental value to him.

This TSC Hurricane medallion also sounded like a quarter, and since finding it I have learned some interesting information about the organization, and have shared a bit of it with you in the attached image below. 🙂

I was finding modern quarters everywhere, and it was fun cherry picking those high 80’s with my Garrett AT PRO Metal Detector.  At places like this, you have to dig pretty much everything if you want jewelry, so I dug some pennies until I got tired of them. HA!

I was hoping to find some jewelry, but all in all it was a fun day out metal detecting in great weather. I had fun, and that’s what really matters! Oh yeah, almost forgot, I found a spot that I can’t wait to detect in about a month or so, a spot I’m excited about!

Wish you all the best of luck on your next hunts! 

Just a Note: I do NOT condone metal detecting ON a soccer field. That is frowned upon by everyone from the players to the parks departments.  Always use extreme care when detecting at public places so as to leave no holes for others to step in.  Always err on the side of caution and leave no trace of your presence.  I was hunting by shade trees and edges, just FYI.

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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ which means necessity or need can encourage inventive solutions to challenging situations.

Fellow metal detectorist “Trickworm” shared his solution to saving over $60.00 when he designed this Lesche Sheath and Pro-Pointer Combo. You can also do this simple modification yourself, and it won’t cost you additional money for an aftermarket sheath!

Digger Pro-Pointer Combo sheath

This Do It Yourself project merely requires determining the angle that suits your needs for easily removing the pinpointer without hitting the guard on your digger.

Then, just sew your Garrett Pro-Pointer sheath to your digger sheath, and you have an awesome combination that keeps all of your diggin’ tools in one easy to reach place.

That means less fumbling around for your digger or pinpointer and more goodies in the pouch ! Tip: Be sure to only sew on the edges.

Enjoy my friends!


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Silver Quarter & Rings found Metal Detecting

You know what they say, no one gets it all, so you have to go back to spots that you’ve previously detected.  That’s what I have done a few times recently.  Over the years I’ve learned new metal detecting techniques, and have been going back to spots that I suspect still have good targets to find.

On one recent hunt, while using my Minelab CTX 3030 this little junker ring sounded good enough to dig.  It’s tiny and plated, but it fits my 7 yr old daughter, so she likes it, a win win for me haha.

I don’t remember the numbers, but it was a high tone and not very deep.  A cool find on an otherwise average hunt.  I was happy to see it in the plug

A couple of years back I detected at a spot and found more than a few silver coins there.

I am purposely being vague about the particular spot, but, I did find multiple silvers there on a couple of  occasions.  So, I decided to go back there with my 3030 and see if it could sniff out more silver.  On the opposite side of where I had found silver previously, I was able to find this 1952 Washington quarter in with a beaver tail tab.

It was a mixed tone but I was fairly certain a coin was under the coil, and there was.

I have a plan of attack for that spot in the coming weeks…

I decided to go back to another previously detected spot where I found the 1947 Walking Liberty Half Dollar recently and try my luck again.

While wading through all of the junk targets an interesting tone caught my attention.  Just a few inches down I saw this ring.


It has an interesting setting and definitely sparkles in the light, but alas it’s just a junker.

Oh well, it does prove one thing though, there are still good finds to be made in that field.  This plated ring could have just as easily been gold.  Maybe next time…

It just goes to show ya that no one gets it all and you can still find the goodies at your previously detected spots, so go back and see what you missed…you may be surprised!


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