Civil War Bullet ID Chart

This Civil War Bullet Identification Chart can help you identify some of those minie’ and round balls that you find while out metal detecting.


I’ve only been lucky enough to find one of each near a creek..



I believe the one that I found is a .69 caliber.

They are always a pleasant surprise, and finding my first 3 ringer at a place where I was detecting for jewelry was definitely a surprise.

According to Civil War historical records, over 500 troops camped along that creek.

These bullets were likely dropped by civil war soldiers that were there camping and preparing to march to battle further south.

I feel lucky to have found them both.  It is more than possible that I was the first person to hold them in over 100 years.

Hope this Civil War Bullet ID Chart was helpful to you… Thanks for checking out my blog and first civil war bullet finds.





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THROWBACK POST: My First Metal Detecting Finds

THROWBACK POST: My First Metal Detecting Finds.  Originally published March 2011.

When hiking through the woods near my house I noticed a barbed wire fence that was growing through some trees.

I quickly realized that someone had fenced this area off for a reason some time in the past.   After some investigation I came upon an old rock foundation in the woods.  Later I returned with a friends metal detector and dug my first relics.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It turns out that these items are part of a horse tack and used to pull wagons.  Not earth shattering finds, but I still remember pulling these out of the ground and being amazed at finding rusted pieces of history.

US Cavalry Curry Brush circa 1880-1905

US Cavalry Curry Brush

I also found a pocket knife, and a leather handle cover to a US Curry brush where the barn was on that property.


The pocket knife is an “Old Timer” and ironically I had hoped to find a pocket knife there. My favorite find from that site is a Tootsie Toy truck, though.


1949 Ford F6 circa 1950

1949 Ford F6 circa 1950

It is finds like these  that remind me of what metal detecting is really all about.  Just getting outside and enjoying being able to recover artifacts from days gone by.

Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with me and checking out my Throwback post of First Metal Detecting Finds.

They’re not silver or gold, but they Are a reminder of the days of old.


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Sterling Ring and Some Coins

Sometimes making a great find is simply a numbers game.  Dig enough targets, eventually one will be something good.  That’s basically what I did last weekend when I detected for the entire day, and hunted a few different spots.  On the way home I remembered a small neighborhood park near where I used to live, so I decided to swing through and detect for an hour or so.

Immediately I started finding clad quarters from the 1980s everywhere, so I assumed that the area probably hadn’t been detected before.  Based on the number of targets all over that small park, I said to myself “There is a ring in this park somewhere.”

About 30 minutes later, I got a solid quarter tone, and thought that it might even be a silver quarter based on the slightly higher TID numbers, and about 6 inches down, I was lucky enough to find this honker of a Sterling Silver ring.

sterryngg img_1979

The hallmark inside indicates that this is a vintage sterling silver ring, crafted by Clark & Coombs who were well known silver smith at the turn of the century until 1915.image079


Best of It

Days Finds

Total days Finds!


All in all, it was a great day of diggin’ and topped off with a very cool silver ring!  Thanks for checkin out my blog!


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