Life In The Ozarks

The Ozarks of Arkansas and Missouri consists of beautiful landscape and wildlife.  I enjoy capturing images of my adventures and thought this page would be a great place to share those with you here.

Ozarks Detector fishing in the Ozarks

An Ozarks sunset June 10, 2018

I was fishing 6/10/2018 with my new video glasses and thought this would be a great shot to capture.

I REALLY like these video glasses, and this image shows what a screen shot with them looks like.

The Powpro PP-SG110 1080p Video Glasses Are Full HD 1080P with Wide Angle Camera. Single push of a button to turn on, push of button to turn off. It’s that easy to capture your detecting adventures for under $70.00!


I didn’t find much when I metal detected around this old barn, but it was a fun hunt and this shows a typical 100 yr old barn constructed with cross cut boards, some of which were like 18 inches wide inside.

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This is where I will share pictures, videos, and other interesting topics related to life in the ozarks