I enjoy metal detecting for relics and coin shooting. I like finding relics because they’re a direct link to the past, and they intrigue me. I also like the challenge of trying to identify an item from days gone by. I metal detect in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

You probably already know me from several metal detecting forums, and from my popular blog, Ozarks Detector Likewise, I’m  Senior Editor  for Detecting365 Online Metal Detecting Magazine

I really appreciate you reading and subscribing to my blog. I have placed Recommended Ads containing Respected Brands on amazon.com so my readers can Shop with Confidence and purchase Great Metal Detecting Products from a Trusted Company Amazon.

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4 Responses to About

  1. Wes says:

    Nice Site! I will be on vacation wtih my family in NW Arkansas next week around Beaver Lake (Gardield). I was hoping to do a little detecting but was having trouble finding laws and regulation on detecing. I also tried looking for local clubs but any contact information I found online was dried up. I was hoping to possibly meet some new people and have some fun.

  2. Kenny says:

    And I thought I was the only person metal detecting in North Arkansas lol. Im up here in the Mountain Home area and have been having a blast on the old house places. Shoot me a email sometime I would enjoy swapping some stories.

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