Couple Silvers from the Old School Grounds

Went back to a school grounds I’ve hunted in the past 4 years with many detectors without much luck. That’s not surprising because I was told by an old timer he and his friends ‘hunted it out in the 80s, every day for weeks.” They did a pretty good job because all I’ve ever found there is a few wheaties. I was hoping to find a few wheaties this time as well, at least, and stuck to the outside perimeter of the old school grounds, concentrating on where the lone tree was back in the 1960s according to aerial images.

That technique worked fairly quickly when I found a 1920 wheat penny. I knew “someone” had been sitting near that tree at some point. That gave me a little more confidence that there was a possibility of a missed silver coin over there somewhere. About 10 minutes later I got a tone that piqued my interest, and thought it might be another wheatie as it jumped around a bit, 40 – 41, etc but it stayed fairly consistent…so I dug it. First I found a couple nails in the plug but I knew that couldn’t be what I was looking for so I kept digging and saw a coin in the plug and quickly grabbed it. Again, I thought I had a penny for a second, but then saw a wreath on the back, having found a few barber dimes recently, I knew I had a barber dime, turned it over and saw the date, a 1913 barber dime…sweet!


I couldn’t believe it, I pulled a barber dime out of that field that doesn’t give up much at all, I was stoked! The next hour or so I managed to find a 1937 wheat penny and then a 1950 wheat penny, but I was still happy I had a barber dime in my pocket! Then later I got a nice dime tone on the E-Trac that jumped up into the 43 range so I got excited thinking I might have a rosie dime. 6 1/2-7 inches down I saw a coin ball in the bottom of the plug, and I could see the edge of it and knew it was silver already…a quick swipe of the dirt and I could see that it was a Merc dime, a 1941.


Wow, a two silver day at a place I’ve hit many times with not much luck gave up the goods this time. Considering the minimal finds this site has given up in the past, these finds were actually a few great finds!

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