Barber Dimes found Metal Detecting

I’ve been really busy lately, so I am just getting around to posting these coins I found a few weeks back. On this hunt, I traveled to a picnic area in eastern Missouri. I knew through research that the site had potential for some older coins so I decided to go there and try my luck.

I didn’t have much luck on the first half of my hunt, but shortly after moving over to a parking area in the grass I got a good signal on my Minelab E-Trac metal detector and decided to check the target out a little more in depth. The target was small and the tone stayed consistent so I excitedly dug the hole hoping for something good.

CropBARBS (1)

About 7 inches down I saw the edge of a silver coin, imagine my surprise when I realized it was a Barber dime with a 1906-O mintmark. I re-checked the hole with my propointer, and realized that there was another target a little deeper, so I dug down another couple of inches and again put the dirt next to the plug, and saw another silver coin laying there.

I quickly grabbed it and saw that it too was a Barber dime! 2 Barbers in the same plug, and this one was even older being a 1904-S Barber! I was mindblown! I later learned that only 800K 1904s Barbers were ever minted!

I also found some clad and the usual junk, but it was definitely worth the trip to find two Barber Dimes in the same plug!

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2 Responses to Barber Dimes found Metal Detecting

  1. William Vincent says:

    Been detecting 2 years and never found a half dollar. Recently in a little park with history I found an 1895 Barber half, first coin out of the truck. 15 feet away and the next coin it was a 1938D Walking Liberty. Only 409000 minted of the 38d. Next week in another local park, first coin out of the truck was a 1945 Walking Liberty half. Go figure! I never knew what a Barber dime was when I started, now I have 4

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