Metal Detecting Forums Are Toxic for New Detectorists

Metal Detectorists are Exactly what the public thinks you are!! Why?  Because that is the image you are portraying to the public on your metal detecting forums!!! Your toxic, unethical teachings are public for all to see, and you wonder why the public considers detectorists as scavengers and disrespectful to public properties, because you TEACH THAT ON YOUR FORUMS!!!

I personally quit being a member of metal detecting forums awhile back, for many reasons.  One of which is the lack of any REAL useful metal detecting knowledge for a new detectorist. Any more, the quick answer to every detecting question is “Use the minelab equinox” Your detector sucks if it isn’t an Equinox.”  Your AT PRO sucks, get an Equinox

Guess what I KNOW FOR A FACT about the AT PRO vs Equinox BS? They’re equal in every department!  I sent out months ago a challenge to ANYONE with an Equinox to stack it up against my AT PRO, on twitter, with over 2500 followers, guess how many put their money where their mouth is? NONE!!! NOT ONE!  Not even You with yours!

Yet, every metal detector that comes out, some imaginary line has been drawn that if it isn’t an Equinox it isn’t worth investing in.  Who’s hands are you talking about when you tell people that?

Because in MY hands My AT pro will hold it’s own against any of the best in the world, period, because I know what it is telling me!  Who are those guys to tell someone what MY detector isn’t just because they weren’t good with one?

Who made these so called experts , experts? Half of those guys teaching on those forums, really shouldn’t be, they don’t know wtf they’re talking about and STILL spewing the same drivel 4 years later they were saying back then, have you not advanced yet?

I went to a seeded hunt with my own CTX 3030, a MUCH better machine than an Equinox, and hunted Two Hunts.  The first hunt with the CTX 3030, Minelabs TOP DOG HANDS DOWN, found Zero Silver coins!!! – An EQ on Steroids!

THEN, I switched to the AT PRO and put it in Capable Experienced hands, and guess what I found? FOUR Silver coins, An IKE Dollar, And A Benjamin Half dollar!

Now, before that happened, guess what a buddy said to me when I told him I was switching from the top of the line Minelab to my Garrett AT Pro?  “Blasphemy, you know the 3030 is better”

Better for who, or what, or when?  THAT is what you need to understand about these BS comments you read on those metal detecting forums, these so called experts who either simply don’t know better, or, they’ve used ONE metal detector and swear by it to the point that they disrespect and minimize anyone who doesn’t use their same so called end all be all detector!

Then, add to that the UNETHICAL PRACTICES that are FREELY TAUGHT to New Detectorists that they don’t have to follow the Code of Ethics, any more it’s Just sneak onto wherever you want to, disregard rules, laws, or ordinances, and go where ever you want when ever you want.

And the forum admins just allow it, like it’s common practice?  I mean some went as far as requesting the resident idiot Tom UNETHICAL DETECTORISTS POSTS SHOULD BE A STICKY on the forum so new detectorists can easily find his Unethical Practices to use as their own unethical practices????

Why doesn’t someone grow a pair and man up and stand against that unethical education they teach on the notso friendly forums?  Is it because you would rather just be able to do whatever you want, because everyone else is doing it? Is it cowardice?  Is it approval by silence?  Are you afraid to do the right thing?  Then why isn’t anyone manning up and saying enough is enough of this unethical teaching and practices, people can see you Publicly telling new people to break the rules, break the code of ethics, you openly teach them to be unethical!!!

So as a new detectorist, I caution you from picking up these worthless practices as your own.  ANY metal detector is capable of finding targets, all you have to do is Learn THAT metal detector and what it is telling you.

LIKEWISE, there is a snot nosed (He’s always sniffing snot in videos) guy Calabash putting out videos knocking every detector but his.,… yet he disables comments, so no one can state any true facts …ask yourself, if he is so confident. if his statements are nothing but facts, why FEAR COMMENTERS asking questions to Challenge your so called facts?

Because they are OPINIONS, no facts, he doesn’t want to let you make him look stupid by stating challenging facts, after all, it would ruin his snot nose image, and we can’t have that can we calabash?

And while we are vacuuming coins out of the ground… did you ever study Probabilities in high school?  You know 4 red, 3 blue, 5 orange balls in a bag, what’s the probability of pulling an orange ball out of the bag? Remember that?

Some people don’t…and here is how I know… so a group of guy in a popular metal detecting channel just so happens to have once in a lifetime hunts, all the time, like well HUNDREDS of once in a life time hunts,  videos full of them, with viewers duped into thinking this is reality!

Listen, we all have great hunts, some have great hunts more than others, lets give them 60% of those hunts as killer, virgin ground, once in a life time finds… but you’re bullshitting yourself if you haven’t figured out those coins being vacuumed out of the ground were planted there to be found on video!!! Yeah, someone had to break it to you!!!

Someone mentioned recently that they should do guided hunts to vaccuum coins out of the ground, boy once the heat got turned up, all sudden he was trying to minimize all the amazing finds in his videos, talking about trash….in other words, gettin a little too close asking to go along and see it first hand, in real time! NO WAY that channel has once in a lifetime hunts thousands of times, and if you think otherwise, I have a Long Range Coat Hanger to sell you that will twist in your hand when you twist it to help  find gold.

I just feel irresponsible for standing by idly and watching this BS, and seeing new people to the hobby thinking this is really how the hobby is supposed to be!

I know of a guy with Many George Washington Inaugural buttons, And always wondered how he had found so many and others would likely never find one. Then, I talked with a guy who knows him very well, and he let me in on a little secret, he has so many GW buttons, because he was sneaking on state and federal lands, and in effect stealing them from protected properties, along with his buddy.

That guy once told me I couldn’t do what he does when i said finding colonial on the east coast is like shooting fish in a barrell, now I know what ya meant, Heavy, you’re right, I couldn’t lose my ethics and do what you do!  Nor would I want to, and you wanted people to think you knew more than they did, nah, you just broke laws and rules that we didn’t nothing exceptional there my man!

Tired of what I’m seeing on the forums.

Faking finds for viewers, making money off of videos, making money selling products, and straight out duping new detectorists is sickening, and someone needed to say something about it!

Anymore, it’s all about click-bait, goofy thumbnails on videos, getting sponsors and swearing by a lesser product in exchange for money or items.

You even have dealers that don’t know any more than you or I about detectors, yet one big boy always says “This is a great machine, top of the line” about every detector he suggests on forums, yet dude NEVER educates on the differences, because ALL HE KNOWS IS WHAT HE READS ON THE SPECS! Yet, people gobble it up, and take it as face value, he’s a supposed expert!

Point being, these types of things are TOXIC to new detectorists in the hobby where they are told if they don’t use specific metal detectors, they’re wrong, less than, uninformed, and not worthy of honesty.  It’s TOXIC to new detectorists to go on the forums and literally TEACH THEM HOW TO BE UNETHICAL by telling them to disobey ordinances, park rules, private property laws etc, basically telling new detectorists that we are all above the law, and we know better than to follow rules, and that you don’t have to either, because we said so.

What’s even more baffling is the forum owners and admin allow the unethical practices to be taught, hell they even post on the forum saying the same toxic unethical things, do what ya want when ya wnt, after all, it’s easier to ask forgiveness than to do the right thing, right?

To My Point, a member asked recently why the forum is dead… ON THIS POST  he got banned for asking… think about THAT for a minute!!!

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I enjoy Metal Detecting in The Ozark Mountains and surrounding areas where I primarily detect for relics and coins. I have tested and used over 20+ metal detectors as a dealer and Company Sponsored 'Pro Staff' Product Tester. Previously Senior Editor of Detecting365 Metal Detecting Magazine for 7 years. I have authored over 200+ articles published on multiple metal detecting websites and magazines. I have real world experience testing metal detectors in the field and enjoy teaching others how to become better metal detectorists. Questions? Shoot me a contact email! Check out my Recommended Metal Detecting Supplies here:
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