Yee Yee Where it Began

When I was growing up in Indiana back in the 1980’s, one of my best friends was named Charles B.  My brother Jay, Charles and I went to the same grade school.

We also played together after school every day.   One of the fondest memories is a secret saying that we used to let each other know when we were in the hallways, I was in 6th grade, 1981 was the year, and when one of us were in the hallways, we would yell out Yee Yee!

So what does Yee Yee Mean?

Yee Yee was our secret call, only us three knew what it meant, and so teachers wouldn’t know who was doing the yelling! It’s funny, I still remember Yee Yee vibrating off the limestone walls of that school almost 40 years ago.

I saw some country rapper using our saying earlier, Yee Yee, and I had to laugh, because he is only 40 years behind the times with this saying, lol…but then I noticed that….

What’s even more funny is you can buy Yee Yee clothing now on Amazon too!  Maybe I should get a Yee Yee shirt?   Or,  a Yee Yee hat?

Hey Charles, Hey Jay, they liked our secret saying, apparently!

We always were some trend setters, brothers!

So Yee Yee! from one of the originators!



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