I finally did it, I broke down and registered the domain OzarksDetector.com. It’s all part of the master plan, but basically this Fall I plan to shoot video of my detecting finds in the woods of the Ozark Mountains.

Yep, I’m going back to my roots, and have decided to return to many of the original sites that I detected when I first started out in the hobby.  Surely I missed a few good finds here and there, plus, I know much more about metal detecting than I did way back then.

As we know, this hobby is all about learning and making adjustments, and I feel like at this point I have learned quite a bit that I didn’t know then. Couple that with better equipment, and the adventure is to see what type of finds I can pull out of previously detected spots.

US Cavalry Curry Brush circa 1880-1905

US Cavalry Curry Brush circa 1880-1905

Wonder if I will find some more cool finds like these?  Guess we’ll just have to watch the videos to see wont we?





Until then my friends, thank you for visiting OzarksDetector.Com

About Ozarks

I enjoy Metal Detecting in The Ozark Mountains and surrounding areas where I primarily detect for relics and coins. I have tested and used over 20+ metal detectors as a dealer and Company Sponsored 'Pro Staff' Product Tester. Previously Senior Editor of Detecting365 Metal Detecting Magazine for 7 years. I have authored over 200+ articles published on multiple metal detecting websites and magazines. I have real world experience testing metal detectors in the field and enjoy teaching others how to become better metal detectorists. Questions? Shoot me a contact email! Check out my Recommended Metal Detecting Supplies here: http://amazon.com/shop/wedetect
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