Went Back to The Silver Spot

I was excited about my last hunt where I found 5 silvers so I had to go back there and see if I could find a few more.

I started detecting in a couple of areas that I hadn’t detected on my previous hunt. I dug a few pieces of fencing and some other junk targets here and there mixed in with some clad coins but I wasn’t finding any silver coins. Since an hour or so had passed I decided to go back to the spot where I had found silvers on my previous hunt.

I was finding wheaties here and there and eventually I got a tone that I thought might be a silver dime. I grabbed my video cam when I saw the edge of a coin that I was sure was silver and it was a ’37 Mercury dime.

SIlvers found on 2nd hunt

Silvers found on 2nd hunt

Finally I was back in the area that was producing coins. Over the next couple of hours I managed to find 3 more silver Roosevelt dimes in the same general vicinity as the mercury dime. I also managed to find about 25 wheat pennies and some clad as well.

Bear Cub Scout Slider

Bear Cub Scout Slider

I thought that this was a neat find. It’s a Bear Cub Scout Neckerchief slide. Metal detectorists find these regularly, so I was happy to finally find one for myself.

All in all this spot has turned out to be one of the best places that I’ve ever detected. I could be wrong, but I suspect that this was a virgin area to a metal detector previously. If someone else has detected this area, then I can only imagine what he found if these are what he left behind…lol

Total from Two Hunts

Total from Two Hunts

It’s been awesome to finally find more than one silver on a hunt. I also got a few of these on live dig video, I just haven’t uploaded it yet.

Obviously, in order to get the silvers, you have to dig the trash… Those pieces of fencing and rifle brass shells kept foolin’ me. I did my part to clean up the environment by throwing this trash away.

Of Course I Dug Some Trash

Of Course I Dug Some Trash

Oh yeah, almost forgot… I got a hot tip on another spot that has some amazing potential for silver coins. If it goes how I think it should, I may have a new favorite spot… time will soon tell. 😉

Until then, stay searching my friends!

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    Could you be more precise?

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