Recent Relic Finds

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted to my blog so here are a few pics of some of my recent finds…

1943 Mercury Dime

1943 Mercury Dime

I found this 1941 Merc Dime Recently at an old homestead in the woods with my AT Pro Metal Detector

'43 Mercury Dime Reverse

’43 Mercury Dime Reverse

'38 Wheatie & Smith's Pride buttons.

’38 Wheatie & Smith’s Pride buttons.

Smith's Pride Button

Smith’s Pride Button

Button Patent Date

Button Patent Date

Small Ladies Watch

Small Ladies Watch



An Arkansas farmer strikes a match on the button of his overalls, ca. 1940.

The RailRoad Button

‘The Railroad’ Overalls Button

– I also found these other overalls buttons.

Eurotek Pro Find

Tuf Nut Overalls Button – Eurotek Pro Find

The overalls button was found at an old homesite in an area that hasn’t produced much in the past. The Eurotek Pro metal detector found it easily at around 6 inches deep. The Tuf Nut Garment Company produced overalls, pants, shirts and “autoals” for the working man. The garments were proudly made of 100% southern cotton. Circa 1930 – 1970.

FITZ Overalls Button

FITZ Overalls Button

Shirley President Suspender Buckle

Shirley President Suspender Buckle

Believe it or not, I actually wanted to find one of these Shirley President suspender buckles. They are a neat find and I was happy to dig this one!


This Pig was a Neat Find

This Pig was a Neat Find

This pig is heavy but I have no idea what it was used for?

Arkansas Automoblie Club Emblem

Arkansas Automobile Club Emblem





Good Luck "Coin" w Nail?

Good Luck “Coin” w Nail?

This coin or token has a nail through it and leads me to believe that it may have been nailed to a door or doorframe. I found it within feet of a door at an old homestead.


A Few Relics

A Few Relics

'43 Merc

’43 Merc

Gettin That Nectar!

Gettin That Nectar!


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6 Responses to Recent Relic Finds

  1. Josh T says:

    Great Hunt and cool finds! I think the pig is a large toy…we have found small ones but nothing that big! Very cool! Thanks!

  2. BJ says:

    I just found a Smith’s Pride button…found on the back “patented Dec 1824” Any info about this?

  3. Scottie says:

    That’s some really nice finds. I just got back into detecting and magnet dragging. In the last nine months I have accumulated thousands of relics, alot of which I’m not sure what they are. Nice to see a wall that looks like mine.

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