Back to the Homestead

Awhile back I found a silver dime at an old homestead with the Fisher F5. Since then, I’ve gone back to that spot to do some detecting. The brush was thick and there wasn’t many places that I was able to swing, but I did pull a few neat finds from there.

Through research I was able to figure out where the house stood on this property, so I went back for a short hunt and detected where I believe the front / side yard was.

1919 Wheat Cent

1919 Wheat Cent

The oldest coin find that day was a 1919 Wheat penny. I also found 1936 and 1944 wheat cents in the same general area.


After finding one of the wheat pennies I realized that I had been discriminating nickels, so I decided to scan my last hole to see if there were anymore coins around the area. Off to the side I got a nickel tone, so I dug it and it was in fact a nickel. This one is a 1938 Jefferson Nickel and it was down 4-5 inches. The Fisher F5 found it easily, once I lowered the discrimination down to where it should have been in the first place. Doh!

IMG_0733 - Edited

One of the targets was a sweet sounding high tone that got me excited. I thought I had a coin when I scraped the dirt back with my propointer and saw something silver and round laying there. My adrenaline was rushing for a few seconds there until I realized that it was probably just a keychain. It turns out that it is from Lion Oil company and probably from around the 1940’s or 50’s,maybe older.

Lion Oil and Ford dealer, Somerville, Tennessee. Circa 1930-1945

Lion Oil and Ford dealer, Somerville, Tennessee. Circa 1930-1945

As I was leaving to go to another spot because the brush was too grown up, I decided to dig one last high tone on my way to the car. I dug down about 4 inches and pulled this toy car from the dirt.

Fresh From The Dirt

Fresh From The Dirt

I describe this as a 1920’s or 1930’s toy car. I believe that it is made out of lead slag that was poured into molds. For it’s age it doesn’t appear to have a lot of scratches. That leads me to believe that this car was lost shortly after the little boy got it.

Toy Car - Cleaned Up

Toy Car – Cleaned Up

I wish it still had the wheels, but in my opinion the car is beautiful as it is. It has a story to tell and this car is so darn cool that it doesn’t even need wheels!

I knew immediately that it was an older toy because of the weight of it in my hand. I figure that it is probably from the 1930’s based on how it is made. I have seen similar cars by Barclay and Manoil, but none of them match this car exactly. I haven’t found much information about this car on the internet, so if you know anything about it, please leave a comment and let me know.

The 1953 Roosevelt dime, and the dates of the older clad coins tells me that there is probably more silver there to be found. We’ll see!

AT Pro Find

On a different hunt, while using the AT Pro, I was metal detecting at an old fair grounds when I got a tone that got my attention.  I dug down 3 inches deep and had trouble finding the target since it was so small.


After a minute or so I finally found the target. It was the smallest coin I’ve ever seen and I had no idea what it was exactly until I got it home and did some research. It is called a 1 tenge and it is from Kazakhstan! If only this coin could talk! Who knows how it got here but I was impressed that the AT Pro found a coin that small in a large field. Ironically, I also found a coin from Spain in that same field last year.

So, there you have it, my latest finds and hunts. I’m hoping to do some water hunting too with my new AT Pro. There’s gotta be some gold out there waiting for me….somewhere…..

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