AT Pro Maiden Voyage

Because of the weather I had to wait a few days before I could use my new AT Pro. Finally, Saturday the temperature was around 58 degrees and I got the chance to detect at a local park that has a couple of volleyball courts and some baseball diamonds. I detected the volleyball courts first, hoping to find some lost jewelry.

I set the AT Pro up in Pro / Zero mode with no discrimination and started gridding the volleyball court. I immediately noticed how the AT Pro would give me a low toned hum when I swung over a junk target like a bobby pin. I dug 4 or 5 bobby pins there, which is more than I have ever dug in the last few years. Is it because I was at a volleyball court, obviously used by women? Maybe, but the AT Pro detected them and told me that each one was junk, before I dug it. I was impressed by that.

Medal Found with Metal Detector

Medal Found with Metal Detector

After about 10 minutes, I got a loud, screaming signal and noticed part of this ribbon sticking up out of the sand. I grabbed the ribbon, and as I suspected, it was attached to a “medal.” Imagine that, I found a Medal with a Metal detector!

Maybe my AT IS a Pro now…lol

Next I detected the other volleyball court and found a few clad dimes, and a two quarter spill. Man, when you go over a coin with the AT Pro, you know it’s a coin! Especially the quarter signal! There was no doubt in my mind those tones were quarters before I dug them! It was fun to dig a few coins and hear what they sound like on the AT Pro.

Small 'Bling' Earring

Small ‘Bling’ Earring

Just as I was wondering why I wasn’t finding any type of jewelry, I got a mid tone signal on the AT Pro, so I kicked the sand around a bit and saw something shiny. It was this “bling’ earring. Obviously I wish it was gold, but it is a neat find either way.

I felt like it saved me from getting skunked by not finding any jewelry, so I guess it counts…lol

After hitting both volleyball courts I decided to go to a different park. Before I left I noticed a long mound of dirt that looked as if it might be used as a seating area to watch volley ball games. So, I decided to try my luck there. I dug a few pop tabs and a few pennies here and there when I got a Loud high tone signal. I don’t remember the ID number, but it was consistent and I thought that I might have another penny or dime signal.

Silver 1964 Canadian Dime

Silver 1964 Canadian Dime

Just a few inches down I saw the edge of a silver colored coin. I thought that I might have a clad dime, but instead this coin had a woman on it.

Reverse 1964 Canadian Dime

Reverse 1964 Canadian Dime

I flipped it over and noticed the date, 1964 and thought that it might be silver. I had to wait until I got home to look it up before I knew for sure that it is silver! In this instance I believe that the signal was strong enough that most good metal detectors would have probably found that dime.

Finding the silver dime may be attributed to location or luck as much as anything, but at the end of the day, the fact is that the AT Pro did find a silver dime on it’s first hunt. That was pretty impressive! 🙂

Day's Total

Day’s Total

Here’s the day’s total finds after about 2 hours of metal detecting. Not a bad take, and I felt like the AT Pro had a pretty good first outing.

This dime brings my all time silver count up to 5 coins. It is also silver coin #3 in as many months! Yeaaahhh! I think the Canadian dime is a beautiful coin, so I’ll take it!

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4 Responses to AT Pro Maiden Voyage

  1. Josh T says:

    Nice finds. You are going to be digging a lot of smaller targets now! But I bet you dig more earrings too.

    • Ozarks says:

      Thanks, yeah if you notice there is a lead pellet laying next to that earring. It was down about 4 inches, and I was like, “Really?” when I found it…lol

  2. Frank Auceda says:

    Hello there, just became alert to your blog through Google, and found that it’s truly informative. I’m going to watch out for more of your blogs. I’ll be grateful if you continue sharing your secrets in future. Lots of people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

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