Fisher F5 Impressive Four Hunts

Since I got my Fisher F5 back in January, it has exceeded my expectations! In just a couple of months I have found two silver coins, a scarce token, and a silver plated Roy Rogers ring from the 1950’s.

I thought it would be fun to do a blog of the F5’s finds from the last couple of months.

Sample Store Token

Picture 015

This scarce Token is the first neat find with the Fisher F5. I was detecting where and old farm once was. All that remains today is a few foundations and a collapsed barn.

The Sample Stores were Sam Walton’s stores prior to opening the first WalMart in 1962.

Picture 018

This token is scarce with less than 50 known to exist.

Silver Dime

On the second hunt with the F5 I was at another old homestead detecting around a large old tree. I had dug a 1945 Wheat penny so I knew there was a chance to find a silver coin there also.

Silver 1953D Rosie

I got a high 80’s reading on the target ID screen, so I dug it and found this Silver 1953 Roosevelt dime. I noticed that there was a high, whiney pitch to the tone when you swing over silver with the Fisher F5.

Silver War Nickel

A couple of weeks later I went back to the farmstead and detected in the same general area where I had found the ‘Sample Store’ token previously. I got a nickel signal that sometimes jumped up into the tab range, so I decided to dig it.


A few inches down I found this nickel, but it isn’t just any nickel. It’s a 1945 Jefferson ‘War Nickel and it’s considered a ‘silver’ nickel being 30% silver. This is my first war nickel find!

Silver Plated Ring

After finding the war nickel, I got another jumpy signal that was also in the nickel and tab range.


It’s a silver plated ‘Roy Rogers Saddle ring’ from the 1950’s! These could be ordered for around $7 in the early 1950s. There was two styles of this ring, with the other style being silver and having the signature of Roy Rogers on the saddle.

Final Thoughts

What really makes these Fisher F5 finds impressive is the fact that within just a couple of months I have doubled my silver finds count!

I had only found 2 silver coins in the last few years, and so far the F5 has found 2 silvers in just two months! The scarce token and ring are also some pretty neat finds! All in all I would have to say that the Fisher F5 is proving to be a very capable machine so far!

The step up from the Fisher F2 was an easy step to take. The F5 is easy to understand and I was impressed that the machine was finding the good stuff right out of the gate!

I can’t wait to see what else it finds next!

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