F5 Finds Silver Coin!

Cabin fever was setting in, so when we had some nice weather this last weekend I couldn’t wait to get out and do some metal detecting. I decided to detect an old homestead in the woods. The house and other buildings were gone by the 1970’s so I thought that there might be a chance to find some silver there.

I noticed three very large trees that were in a row and surmised that they once provided shade and wind protection for the house. I decided to hit the area between the trees and where the house once stood. After about 10 minutes of digging the usual farm trash and relics, I got a nice sounding high tone on the Fisher F5. I was running it fairly hot, with my Gain set at 85, and the Threshold at -3 and had the Disc set at 24 which eliminates Iron & Foil. Those settings had the F5 quiet and stable and I was cherry picking high tones.

The Target ID was jumping from around 81 – 99, but the Tone of the target told me that it could be something good! I decided to dig it, and about 5 inches down, I saw it…

Silver 1953D Rosie

Silver 1953D Rosie

It was Silver colored, and a dime, but this dime looked different than most that I dig. This one was not tarnished or discolored. Could it be? Yes! With a quick wipe of a finger, I could easily tell that this was a Silver dime! A 1953 Roosevelt dime! Yeah!

My 3rd silver ever…Finally!

I was very happy to find a silver coin after waiting for so long. Around here, silver coins have proven hard to come by, so to see Silv in the hole was a very welcome sight!

Silver 1953D Rosie Reverse

Silver 1953D Rosie Reverse

After finding the silver dime I covered as much area as I possibly could and dug my fair share of farm trash! On the map I have, there was an oddly shaped building on this property so I was curious to find out what that building was. About 12 light bulb bases later, the only clue to what that building was is that it definitely had electricity…whatever it was…lol Probably just an old chicken house, although around here they are usually very long and narrow whereas this building was T-shaped. Anyway, I never did figure out what that building was exactly.

"The Wheeler" Overalls Button

“The Wheeler” Overalls Button

I did manage to find this old button though. It says “The Wheeler” and is a button off of a pair of overalls.

Before I left, I decided to detect on the side of this small hill. I believe that area is where the house stood but I’m not 100% sure. I could see a cellar hole, although small, so I figured that some part of the house stood over that spot. I started getting an overload signal on the F5, but I was curious so I dug the target.

Penny Coin Spill

Penny Coin Spill

It was a zinc penny, but it wasn’t the only target in that area. Within a two foot by three foot area, I spent the next 10 minutes digging about 15 Zincolns, 2 dimes and a nickel. They were all concentrated in that small area, and the only thing I can think of is that is where the porch was, or at some time there was a couch or chair that was discarded and the coins just fell to the ground that way. Who knows, but I did learn that with the Fisher F5, sometimes those overload signals can be coin spills!

All in all it was a great day for me. I found silver, spent about 3 hours detecting in 52 degree weather, and I had a blast! That area deserves a second look, and I will surely go back with my F2 and sniper coil and spend some time around those big trees. I know there’s more silver there! I mean I DID find over 20 coins, one of which was silver at a random spot in the woods. That tells me that there is more coins to be found there!

Start finding the good stuff!

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6 Responses to F5 Finds Silver Coin!

  1. supernova1c says:

    Well done on the silver dime Rob 😀

  2. Lisa bld says:

    Congrats on the cool find!

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