Find Gold & Silver With Fisher F2

We all learn at our own pace, some faster than others. Some people learn faster by reading, others are more graphical learners.

When I first started metal detecting, I was looking for info on how to use the F2, and youtube was a great source of info, but they still didn’t explain what ‘Ranges’ precious metals would be found on the Target ID screen. So here’s a graphic that will help you visualize where gold and silver will be found using the Fisher F2.

Gold & Silver Range's Fisher F2

Gold & Silver Range’s Fisher F2

Gold is usually a Low or Mid tone, where Silver is a High Tone. One way to find more silver with the F2 is to discriminate every notch except Dime’s & Quarter’s and dig only the high tones.

Most people consider the F2 to be a beginner machine, either based on price or features, but from what I have seen and learned, the F2 is more like a mid-range machine. If you read My Fisher F2 Review or Derek Odom’s Review, you will see that the Fisher F2 is a very reliable detector for both coin shooting and jewelry hunting.

I hope this graphic helps you find that cache of silver & gold!

Happy Hunting out there!

Start finding the good stuff!

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About Ozarks

I enjoy Metal Detecting in The Ozark Mountains and surrounding areas where I primarily detect for relics and coins. I enjoy learning new techniques and metal detecting equipment and doing product reviews.
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6 Responses to Find Gold & Silver With Fisher F2

  1. topocastor says:

    I believe that it is a very complete detector and with a good price. Happy Hunting¡¡¡

  2. mike silverman says:

    F2 is really a good metal detector which is simple, easy to understand its function. Then, the price is right. If you had tried it, I am certain that you will really like it.

  3. John @ Mr Metal Detector says:

    I have only ever used the Fisher F70 when it comes to Fisher products and it worked a treat, so I can only imagine their entry range is also quite good. I’ll have to check it out and review it soon.

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