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I found my first ring at a park near my house last year, so I decided to go back there and see if I could find another one. The night before I checked out some historic aerial views of this park and noticed an old path that led to a tree. The path is gone now, it was replaced a few years back by a parking lot, but the large tree is still there.

I figured that maybe there was a few goodies left so I attached the 4 in sniper coil to my F2 and off I went.

One thing that surprised me on this hunt is the amount of tabs I found near a small row of trees. Why was that surprising? Well, I have detected that row of trees several times with the 8 inch coil on my Fisher F2 and thought that I had cleaned the area out pretty well. I guess not! Some of these tabs were found every bit of 6 inches deep which really surprised me considering that I was using the 4 inch Sniper coil this time.

The Pull Tabs

The Pull Tabs

Not ALL of these tabs were found in that exact area, but at least 10 or so were! The majority of the tabs were found near a pavillion. As you can see from the number of tabs found on this hunt, I was looking for gold.

That leads me to believe one of two things: Either I was discriminating tabs the last couple of times I detected there, or the 8in coil was missing these targets! I find it hard to believe that the 8 in coil was missing these tabs, but I guess that anything is possible!

1958 Wheat Penny

1958 Wheat Penny

I did manage to find one neat target near those trees. A 1958 Wheat Penny! I couldn’t believe it really because I haven’t found any other “old” coins in that park, so to see a wheatie was a pleasant surprise.

For the most part of this hunt, I was finding a lot of trash targets. One thing is for sure, the sniper coil on the F2 is efficient, very efficient in target separation.

The Can Slaw & Foil

The Can Slaw & Foil

But, those of us experienced detectorists know that in order to find the goodies, we have to get the trash out of the way first. As I’ve stated in the past, I have become more of a ‘dig it all’ type of hunter now that I have found a few pieces of jewelry. Some of those jewelry finds have been ‘trashy’ signals, so I’ve learned to dig those signals because every now and then you get a surprise in the hole!

I worked my way towards the sidewalk near the pavilion in the park. I normally only detect around the pavilion for a short amount of time due to the amount of trash I find there. I was working along, and dug more than my share of pop tabs when I got an iffy signal. This signal jumped from a tab to a dime signal and then back down to tab.

A lot of guys will pass up those targets that jump more than a few numbers, but I dig them because experience has taught me that you just never know why the number range varies so much unless you dig the target and see what it is. It was an iffy signal, but one that sounded good enough to dig. Besides, I had dug every other signal I got, so why not this one, yknow…lol

I dug a plug about 3-4 inches deep and didn’t see anything, so I poked the pro-pointer in the hole and realized that the target was actually in the top of the plug, in the root layer. Then I saw something silver, a chain of some sort. Could it be real silver?

The Best Finds

The Best Finds

That wasn’t the only thing in the plug though. There was also a tab in the hole with the chain, and that is probably why the tone was a low-high-low signal that made the number range fluctuate so much.

.925 Italian Silver

.925 Italian Silver

I realized that it wasn’t a chain, but actually a bracelet. A gentle swipe with the thumb and it was easy to tell that it IS silver, .925 Silver from Italy!

Nyce! A Silver bracelet was my reward for not second guessing my machine. It was also a reward for digging all of those tabs and can slaw in areas that I have been over with the stock 8 inch coil. Going back with the Sniper coil proved to be a wise choice.

Would the 8 inch coil have found this target? Maybe, but I can tell you that I have detected along that sidewalk recently with the stock coil, and didn’t find this. Was it a fresh drop? Maybe, but I don’t think so because it was down a couple inches deep. Either way, the Sniper coil sniffed it out amongst the trash.

It’s Silver, and I’ll take it! 🙂

It just goes to show that no area is “hunted out,” Not even by you!

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4 Responses to Sniper Coil Silver

  1. pulltabMiner says:

    LOL! You sure cleaned out the place! Nice silver chain there. I return to the same parks and the same spots over and over, I have been hunting a spot for 2 years and I still dig up pull tabs and other things from there.

  2. FreddyFindsGold says:

    Great blog you have mate!

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