A Hunted Out Park

They say no place is ever “Hunted Out.” That may be true, but there are places that have been detected so much that the good finds are few and far between. The park closest to my house is hunted out according to my definition of the words. I have detected there over 50 times in the last couple of years. Usually I don’t find much in that park. One time I did find a nice .925 Ring, but that was an exception and not the norm.

Modern clad coins and trash are the usual finds in that park. It could be because the park has only been there since the 1970’s. Couple that with the fact that not many people actually use the park and you have a recipe for some tough hunting. Still, I enjoy getting out there and swinging. The first few hunts there were pretty good, and I found my share of quarters, but the last year or so hasn’t been very productive.

I detected there for about an hour yesterday. First I hit the playground and only found one bullet casing. It always intrigues me how bullet shells get on playgrounds since I find them there all the time! I figure the gravel is brought from creeks, and the shells are in the gravel. Since I wasn’t finding much on the tot lot, I moved to the grassy areas between the parking lot.

Button & Charm

Button & Charm

As you can see from the picture, I didn’t find much, but I did find a few things in this “hunted out” park. The best of which was this button and charm. Both are junkers, but I was satisfied to find ‘something’ there.

Finds in an hour

Finds in an hour

All in all it was a fun hunt, I got outside and got some fresh air, and sometimes that’s all I really need to rejuvenate and relax my mind. I have a once in a lifetime hunt planned next weekend, and this hunt will hold me over until then. The anticipation is killin me, but at least I have a full day of metal detecting to look forward to!

Take care my friends, and remember, sometimes it’s not about the finds. Sometimes it’s about just enjoying the hunt!



About Ozarks

I enjoy Metal Detecting in The Ozark Mountains and surrounding areas where I primarily detect for relics and coins. I enjoy learning new techniques and metal detecting equipment and doing product reviews.
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4 Responses to A Hunted Out Park

  1. Derek Odom says:

    The cool thing about hunted out parks is that if ya wait a while, more goodies are dropped. Can’t wait to hear of your neat hunt!

    • Ozarks says:

      Yep, parks always have new depositors so you just never know when you’ll find a goodie! I have found silver in places that I personally detected over 10 times. I hear ya, I sure hope that I can finally break into the 1800’s with a coin or two! 30% chance of rain on the day I plan to go, but I hope that doesn’t deter the landowner from meeting me out there and letting me get after it this weekend! You KNOW I’ll be posting whatever goodies I find. Can. Not. Wait!

  2. Ralf Ritter says:

    Hey !

    Yes, that´s the typical finds in parks – but i like it to detect sometimes in parks for extra beer cash 🙂 I love the coins of the US and i hope i can detect someday in the US ?! 😉

    HELLO from Germany – RALF

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