Wheat Penny School Hunt

The School in 1957

The School in 1957

This past weekend I got the chance to metal detect at an old school in a neighboring town. The school was in operation from the 1930s to the mid 1960s. I got there around noon, and started swinging near the rear entrance. I found a couple modern coins, but nothing old there, so I moved to the side of the building.

The Wheaties

The Wheaties

I started getting signals that rang up a 70 on my Fisher F2, and they turned out to be Wheat Pennies. The Wheaties ranged in dates from 1920 – 1958, with the most common being from the 1940’s. I found several wheat pennies, but I was surprised that I didn’t find any old silver coins. Then again, in the 30’s most people didn’t have much money, and what they did have, they made sure not to drop.

1920 Wheatie (Hard to see in the pic)

1920 Wheatie (Hard to see in the pic)

A penny in the 40’s was worth alot more than it is today. One old timer told me that in the 40’s he could buy lunch at school for a dime, so it’s understandable that not many kids would be dropping their entire lunch money.

Regardless, I had a blast pulling wheat pennies out of the ground. It was exciting to see that every coin that I dug was an old one, from long ago, and more than likely lost by the children that attended this school so long ago. I learned that another fella had detected this school many years ago, but there was never mention of him finding any old silver. Maybe he did, I don’t know. What I do know is that I filled my finds pouch full of trash, some modern, and some old.

Either way, I had fun and appreciated the chance to detect the old school. It is getting harder to find old places to metal detect, and even harder to gain permission at historical sites like this.

I did learn something on this hunt. On my Fisher F2, these wheat pennies were coming up a solid 70 on the Target ID Screen. Usually copper pennies ring up a 68 on my machine, so it was interesting to see that the ID of these wheat pennies was different.

My New Garrett Metal Detectors Hat

My New Garrett Metal Detectors Hat

When I got home, there was a package on my door step. It was my new Garrett Metal Detectors hat and Drink Coozie from HighPlainsProspectors.Com Check our High Plains Prospectors, they offer great deals on Metal Detectors, PinPointers, Pouches and everything else you might need! You won’t be disappointed!

I really like the hat, and it actually looks good on me! lol

All in all it was a great day, and I am appreciative of the chance to get to detect at the old school before it’s gone.

About Ozarks

I enjoy Metal Detecting in The Ozark Mountains and surrounding areas where I primarily detect for relics and coins. I have tested and used over 20+ metal detectors as a dealer and Company Sponsored 'Pro Staff' Product Tester. Previously Senior Editor of Detecting365 Metal Detecting Magazine for 7 years. I have authored over 200+ articles published on multiple metal detecting websites and magazines. I have real world experience testing metal detectors in the field and enjoy teaching others how to become better metal detectorists. Questions? Shoot me a contact email! Check out my Recommended Metal Detecting Supplies here: http://amazon.com/shop/wedetect
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6 Responses to Wheat Penny School Hunt

  1. Derek Odom says:

    WOW neat hunt! Swinging an F2 and sporting Garrett stuff? Blaspheme! 😀

  2. aaronbeaudette says:

    Nice hunt and good digs Wheats are still old coins! I see you are working hard.

    I have hunted a few old schools myself. One only yielded a few silvers….they get picked up by other hunters 1st, although I did find a few and a grade school graduation ring from, I think 1937. I was unable to find a name or initials on it.

    Another school still in operation we hunted as well. I think other hunters were afraid to go there based on location and probably adversity from the groundskeepers. We found well over 100 silver coins there – mostly dimes but a few quarters and my first seated dime…well worn but pretty exciting. We dug there for months as it was a virgin spot and we just got lucky.

    I agree, finding places to hunt is getting tougher and tougher. Now, if they would come out with a machine that goes a few inches deeper, we’d be in luck!

    • Ozarks says:

      Wow, 100 silvers, I might have a heart attack out there if I found that many silvers! There are still good spots like that out there, we just have to work harder for the goodies! Appreciate the comment!

  3. CoinKing says:

    Love finding wheat pennies! Silver is better, but wheaties are a great indication of a sites age and population.

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