Fisher F2 Finds Gold Ring

So I went back to my honey hole where I found the silver and platinum last weekend. I detected in a different area and after about an hour of not finding much, I decided that maybe it would be better if I went back to the area that produced so well for me last week.

I worked along a gravel path and was finding the usual clad and trash. Mostly pennies with pop tabs and foil mixed in. As you can see from the picture, I was digging it all above iron and dug my fair share of trash targets.

The Trash Finds

The Days Trash Finds

Another 30 minutes had passed when I got another good signal, and since I was digging it all, I decided to dig that signal too. About 4 inches down I was rewarded with this 14K Diamond and solitaire ring! It’s dainty, and I think that it is part of a stackable set, with this part being the centerpiece.

14K Gold & Diamond Ring

14K Gold & Diamond Ring

14K Gold w/ Small Diamond

14K Gold w/ Small Diamond

As they say, those who find the most gold dig the most trash, and that proved to be true in this case!

Another cool find was this button. I don’t think that it is real old, but it is a neat find. I haven’t found many buttons in this field, so when I saw this one I got excited.

Button Find

Button Find

Here is a shot of the recent clad that I’ve found there in the last two hunts. The silver colored coins were tumbled and this is from just a small area. The earring in the picture is what we call Nitro. You know, the kind of find that makes you almost have a heart attack until you realize that it isn’t real…lol

Clad from 2 hunts

Clad from 2 hunts. Oldest Coin 1957 Nickel

I have a hunt planned at a historic school that was in operation from 1930’s to 1960’s so I have high hopes of finding silver coin #3 and hopefully even more! Who knows what could be there, but I’ll be sure to let ya know!

All in all this was a great hunt. I mean anytime you find gold is a good day!

Start finding the good stuff!

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6 Responses to Fisher F2 Finds Gold Ring

  1. Renee Volkmann says:

    I am so happy for you…I have been working so much lately that to get away for even a couple hours has been a no go. God willing I will be able to go looking in a week or so. I really enjoy hearing about your finds and hunts thank you for sharing.

  2. Cutaplug says:

    Congrats on the gold and diamond =) That thing is tiny so good thing you were digging those low low conductive signals.

    • Ozarks says:

      Yep, it’s definitely a small ring…lol Learning to dig it all and that way I’m sure of what the target is! Thanks for the comment and the follow!

  3. Derek Odom says:

    You said the signal was strong/solid, but what were the VDI numbers? Congrats on a great hunt and way to go for digging it all–the only way to hunt.

    • Ozarks says:

      I don’t remember the VDI bud. I detect by ear mostly and listen for a solid repeatable signal. Then I dig. It was a mid tone though. 🙂 I appreciate the kind words, Happy Hunting!

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