Fisher F2 Finds Silver & Platinum

This past weekend I was able to go metal detecting for a few hours. I detected at a place that is sometimes used as a walking trail. My pace was a quick one because there was a large area to cover. Using the Fisher F2 & stock coil, I was able to recover a few nice, obvious targets.

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On this hunt, I found a .925 Silver Ring, a .925 Hoop Earring, a 950 Platinum Earring, an Angel Pendant, and a Hand Made Copper & Mystery Stone Pendant. I also found some clad. Surprisingly, I found 5 nickels on this hunt, which isn’t common for me to find so many nickels in one hunt.

The Trash Finds

The Trash Finds

I gridded a small area, and this is the trash that I found there. I know another dig fella in my area that detects and he said that he’s hit this spot in the past. Based on all of the trash finds in this picture, I have to wonder if he is just cherry picking dimes and quarters and leaving the rest.

This area warrants further searching, and I was surprised to find this many goodies in such a short time, especially since I was moving fast, yet the F2 was able to sniff out some goodies anyway.

The Goodies

The Goodies

I was using the stock 8 inch coil since I have had better luck with the 8 inch coil than I have had with the small 4 inch Sniper Coil. Maybe after I “clean this field out,” I’ll go back with the sniper coil and see if there is anything the 8 in. coil missed.

For now, I’ll stick to the coil that is producing the finds!

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Thanks for reading my friends, Happy Hunting!

Start finding the good stuff!

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