Sniper Coil Finds Rare HARRS Token

This last weekend I went back to a homestead in the woods that I have been detecting for a couple of years. I was using the Fisher F2 4 inch sniper coil this time, and after awhile I decided to cross the street and detect those woods as well. (Yes, I have written permission to detect these woods.)

One of the first signals I got was a good sounding tone, so I dug it and around 5 inches down, I found this token.  It Reads HARRS on the front and 5 on the reverse.



I have done some initial research and have only come across one other token like
this, in the which states that they have no information on this
particular token.

I think that finding this token is even more rare than finding a silver coin! I’ll take it!

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If you have any information on this HARRS Token,  Please Leave A Comment!

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On to the next plug….

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6 Responses to Sniper Coil Finds Rare HARRS Token

  1. Ken says:

    That’s a nice find. You just never know what you’ll hit.

    On TokenCatalog, the entry for that token is from a contributor ‘Idahotokens’. That might be the same fellow at Perhaps he’d know something about your token.

  2. Steve Harmon says:

    You might have found a token made at one of the many fairs which allowed them to post their name on one side. Just a thought but look on the web for a family named HARRS in the area.

  3. Ozarks says:

    Thanks for the info bud!

  4. Paul Money says:

    I wish I could help you out with info on the token as I cant.

    My main reason for posting was to say well done on such a cool blog. I have been out of the metal detector game for around 15 years and have spent the last 30 mins on here digesting your cool posts and looking at your finds

    I have always had Garrett metal detectors but have read some good stuff about the F2. Maybe its time to take the plunge and get my credit card out.


    Thanks man, keep up the good work – I will be coming back for more.


    • Ozarks says:

      Thanks Paul, I appreciate your kind words! If you do get an F2, I can help you cut through the fluff and learn the machine quickly. I don’t think that there are many detectors more easy to use than the F2.

      If you get one, check out the guys at Tell ’em Ozarks sent you, and they’re sure to give you a great deal if you decide to pull the trigger on an F2!

      Again, thanks for the kind words, and hope to see you around!


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