Veterans Day 2012 Finds

Some of you may remember when I found my gold ring recently. I made a trip back to that field. Previously in that field I have found a CW Spur, 1892 thimble, 1910,1919,1920 and several other wheat cents, a WWI Mess Kit Fork (didn’t post) WWI Cuff button, and several other relics.

I have hunted that field about 5-6 times, and thought that I had pretty much cleaned it out. Today I decided to go back, and this time I wouldn’t Discriminate Nickel.

It was towards the end of my hunt, and I migrated to the center of the field where I hadn’t detected as much as the other areas.

I got a signal about 5 inches deep, and thought it might be a nickel, so I dug it.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I pulled this dog tag from the plug. It is from WWII. George Denton had his tetanus shot in 1941 (T41) and was from Evansville, Arkansas, about 60 miles south of where I found this:

About 50 feet away from that, I had a jumpy Zinc, Nickel signal and dug about 5 inches down and pulled out this:

I couldn’t believe my eyes, NO WAY!!!

I couldn’t believe I had found his other dog tag, BUT wait…there was more lines of text on this one…

Are you kidding me?! Why in the world are two different dog tags, from two different states in this field? I have NO IDEA, but these have to be the most mind blowing finds I have ever found!

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I haven’t been able to find much info on Samuel M Carter Jr, so it makes me wonder if he ever made it back home from the war? Did Mr Denton bring that tag back home from his fallen comrade? The story is yet untold…

I also found these other items, not much to talk about, but to find these dog tags, on Veterans day weekend, over 65 years after WWII is amazing to me.

My next step is to try and locate the next of kin for Mr Denton, and find out more info on Mr Carter.


The George Denton dog tag was returned to his daughter. She wasn’t sure how that dog tag got where I found it, as far as she knew her father never lived this far north as he lived in Evansville, Arkansas.

She also said that the name Samuel Carter (the other tag) didn’t ring a bell with her.

The tag is with his family now and that’s all that matters. 🙂

Rest In Peace Mr. Denton, Thank You for your service to our country.

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  1. Josh T. says:

    How cool would it be if you found some family members from those people? Too cool…I have always wanted to find one of these!

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