F2 Sniffs out Dollar Coins

I got the chance to metal detect at a nearby walking trail and creek today. I concentrated my hunt around a couple of large trees that sit in a clearing. I have seen people sit under those trees, so I decided to see if they have lost anything there. I found a dime and a few pennies, and then I got a good quarter signal. It was a shallow, jumpy signal, and at first I thought it was two quarters close to each other. I dug 3 inches down, and out popped a 2000 Sacagawea Dollar coin! Wow! My first dollar coin I’ve ever dug!

I would have never guessed that you could find a dollar coin by some random tree…lol

Ironically, I went to this location because I wanted to detect under a rock over hang that was once used by Indians as shelter. I didn’t find anything from the Indians there, but the dollar coin I found in that park has an Indian squaw on it. Pretty cool.

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Then we went to a park with a playground so my son could play on the swings. I’ve hunted that park a few times, so I wasn’t expecting much as far as finds go. I put the F2 in medium discrimination by discing out everything but Zinc, Dimes & Quarters and sampled around the playground for awhile. I found a clad quarter and then a zinc penny next to a park bench but not much else in the gravel.

My son decided that he wanted to ride his big wheel that was in the car, so we headed to a sidewalk/ walking trail and he rode ahead of me as I swung the detector. I was hitting & missing, but I was just trying to keep up with my buddy when I got a quarter signal. I yelled at him to stop and hang on for a second since the target was only 2-3 inches down. It was right next to the sidewalk, so I figured that the coin was just under the surface a little bit. I dug under the target and popped out a quarter as it bounced on the sidewalk between my legs. I got excited when I saw Washington’s face because I don’t mind digging quarters. I flipped it over to see the back of the coin, and to my surprise it was actually a dollar coin!

These 2007 George Washington Presidential Dollar coins are made on the same planchets as the Sacagawea Golden Dollars, with one important difference – they have edge lettering. Ironically I found two dollar coins on the same day after hunting at the Indian shelter, and both dollar coins have ties to the Indian Sacagawea.

Very cool! It was fun day metal detecting!

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