Indian Arrowhead Find

Hunted a foundation of a house that burned in the 60’s. The foundation itself may have been a log cabin foundation at one time. There is a placemarker there stating as much. I hunted there for about 2 hours.

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I didn’t find much but I did manage two good finds. One is a Missouri Tax Reciept: These were issued from 1935 to the mid to later 1940’s. I found the arrow head when I got a zinc signal that turned out to be some kind of tin can trash. The Arrow head was laying next to it just barely under the topsoil. I knew immediately what it was when I saw it!

The Arrowhead was a surprise find, and is my first arrow head ever found. I am in the process of dating it, but from initial research believe it to date B.C.

I will post more info when I find it with a side by side comparison.

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2 Responses to Indian Arrowhead Find

  1. pmHunter says:

    Nice find. I found some rocks while detecting that I thought might be artifacts. I posted a photo of one on my forum if you want to check it out (

  2. Ozarks says:

    Thanks, glad that you like it!

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